Wednesday, December 28, 2011

CVS haul 12/26/11

So I finally caved and went to CVS to check out their clearance sale... And I got way more than I intended on getting. However! I didn't spend as much as I would have if the products weren't on clearance so I guess I got a good deal. Plus I've got a hefty amount of backups now.

Look how much I saved! I thought that this was insane. So as you can see, this sale is definitely worth checking out. I don't know how long the sale runs as it is dependent on how long it takes each individual store to receive new products to put in their place.

These are all the goodies that I got. There was more that I wanted, but I needed to practice self-control. :D
I'll do some initial reactions to a few of the items, but not all of them as some are backups for me.

Reviews after the jump!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

I'm back!!! Urban Decay Wallpaper Palette review

Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA for so long. I've been super busy with work and college. :( But I'm done with my first semester and am on break for a month so hopefully I can blog more.

Anyways onto the review. Now I know that the Wallpaper Palette is discontinued, but the colors inside of it are still available in other palettes and individually as well. Now I love Urban Decay, but their inclusion of glittery eyeshadows in almost of their palettes drive me a little batty. No matter what I do to combat glitter fallout, it still ends up all over my face. In fact, I got so frustrated with the color Uzi that I actually dug that one out of the palette since it was creating a mess. Grind, Shotgun, Chopper and Midnight Cowboy are all gorgeous colors, but they have so much glitter fallout. I think if you used a base that was meant for glitter, it might be able to keep the glitter on your eyes and off your face. I have yet to get a glitter eyeshadow base, but haven't had time to venture out to get one.

Now, I'll talk about what I LOVE about this palette. Smog is a gorgeous bronzey- brown color that works so well for everyday. It appears in a few of Urban Decay palettes so I'm sure that you have this shadow if you own Urban Decay palettes. Asphyxia is an awesome color that is quite unique. I don't have a color like that in my collection (and my collection is quite large). It is a light lilac purple with a bluish-pink duochrome. Shattered is a beautiful turquoise that leans quite green and looks great packed on all over the lid. Last Call is a cranberry color that I feel can be sort of difficult to wear on it's own. I wore it a few days ago all around the eye with brown and black liner. As the liner faded throughout the day, I noticed that the shadow started to make my eyes look kind of blotchy... BUT it is nice looking when you use it in conjunction with a brown and lots of liner rimmed around the eyes.

Okies. Enough babbling. Picture time!!!