Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Urban Decay Show Pony Palette

Hello again! Today's review is going to be on urban decay's show pony palette. I bought it sometime last year at sephora for $30 but they're having it on sale for $16. Great for those of you who haven't checked it out yet. Bad for those of us who already bought it full price.

My thoughts on this palette:
  • great if you are looking to try out urban decay products
  • I wish they had a matte nude color to be used as a highlight
  • overall color selection is great
  • only color i have problems with is snatch because it's so glittery
  • there are neutrals to help balance out the brights
  • worth the money, the shadows are slightly smaller than mac shadows
  • comes with a mini primer potion and eyeliner which both work great
  • packaging is cardboard but it's very sturdy and slim, plus it comes with a mirror!
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