Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Review: Maybelline EyeStudio cream eyeshadows

Hey guys! First post! Woohoo!!! :)

top: #25 Neutral Liasons
bottom: #15 Rose Revolution

I'm going to review the cream shadows that are relatively new. The 2 that I got were #25 Neutral Liasons and #15 Rose Revolution. I got them at RiteAid right before the holidays on sale for around $3 each, but with a coupon that they had I got 2 for $3. Sweet deal, huh?

Anyways onto the actual review.

Packaging: it's similar to all the eyestudio packaging. Sort of flimsy and cheap plastic. They could have definitely made it a little sturdier but since it's cream it won't shatter. On the back, they have a picture of the shadows in action but they just show the finished product but it doesn't give you product placement unlike the Expertwear eyeshadow quads that Maybelline has.

Product: You get 3 grams (.10 oz.) of product. It has a creamy texture that's dry to the touch. They have a pretty good color range but these were the ones that I wanted.

Application: I'd recommend using your fingers rather than a brush to get the product to apply more smoothly. It blends very nicely but you have to be careful not to overblend or else the shadows risk looking muddy. I suggest using a primer if your lids are super oily but they didn't crease on me(and my lids are moderately oily). They serve as a nice base for shadows as an undertone. However, they work nicely by themselves as actual eyeshadows but you have to be careful in how much you apply.

Color Descriptions
Neutral Liasons: The left color is a creamy offwhite. It has a satin-y finish and looks almost matte when applied on the lid. The middle color is a taupe-y color with some shimmer. It leans more golden. The right color is a chocolate-y brown with gold shimmer. It definitely has warm undertones and looks great in the crease and the outercorner.
Rose Revolution: The left color is a medium champagne with gold undertones. The middle color is a coral-pink with gold undertones. The right color is a golden bronze-y brown that has a pinkish undertone.
sidenote: I just swatched Benefit's creaseless cream shadow/liner in r.s.v.p. next to the left color in the rose revolution and they look almost the same except the undertones are different. The left color is golden while the Benefit one has a pink undertone. I think the effect would be similar if you were to use it as a highlight for the inner corners but as a base it would change the effect of the shadow you put on top.

So in it's entirety, I would definitely recommend you try these out for yourselves but I love them. They blend nicely and are very creamy but not overly so. I like these more than the Revlon Illuminance creme shadows. I feel that these apply more evenly and the colors are more pigmented. If you prefer a more satiny finish then I suggest the Neutral Liasons trio because of the cream color. It works great as a highlight and a base color! The Rose Revolution one would be great for the summer especially since the coral-pink color is so vibrant.

Onto the pictures and swatches!!! :)

back of the cream shadows

Left: Neutral Liasons Right: Rose Revolution
Taken in Natural Lighting

Same Picture As Above With Flash

Neutral Liasons (Natural Light)

Neutral Liasons (With Flash)

Rose Revolution (Natural Light)

Rose Revolution (With Flash)
 NOTE: the swatches are backwards. The darker colors are the right side colors and the lighter colors are the left side colors.

Left: Rose Revolution Right: Neutral Liasons
(Taken with Flash)

Same Picture at a different distance.
I feel this one shows the colors more intensely.

Same picture in Natural Lighting.
I hope you guys enjoyed my very first post. I will continue the reviews and maybe do some hauls if I ever get a chance.


  1. it seems to be such a lovely neutral palette. thanks for the swatches also.

    btw, i have a contest/giveaway on my blog if you're interested http://www.fruitylashes.com

  2. To Fruity Lashes,
    I'm glad you like the swatches! they're great on their own and also as eyeshadow bases.

    I checked out your blog and i am a follower! :)